Drywall Contractors

Building Additions

We build new houses, town houses and granny flats. We also include garages, additions, painting and dry walling.

We also do thatches and Spit Braais. 

We have the capability to take on wide range of projects from major building construction to that minor renovation that makes your home feel special.

No matter how big or small, Builder Kaufmann is looking forward to making your building dream a reality.

Drywall is a simple and inexpensive way to subdivide a room and/or space. It is easy to install, adjust, repair, and maintain. The key is to choose the right drywall contractor or company for all your drywall jobs! We provide expert advice and professional installations to homes and businesses in and around Gauteng.

Why drywall?

Drywall is an inexpensive alternative to brick and mortar. It assembles fairly quickly, saving you time. In addition to drywall ceilings and partitions, we build a variety of different constructions. We build shelves, headboards, and more in drywall. Drywall definitely has its advantages. But there are also some disadvantages. Drywall cannot withstand damp or wet areas.

Why you should consider using drywall contractors

Versatility: Drywall can be used in curved, hanging, arched and other designs according to specific customer needs. They can also be tiled, painted or plastered.

Durability: Drywall is extremely durable when used in the right places (interior) and also comes in
soundproof, fireproof, and waterproof formats.

If constructed properly, heavy objects such as mirrors, framed pictures, and even television monitors can be attached to drywall, making it as practical as a solid brick wall.

Cost Ratio: The material cost of drywall is almost similar to that of the use of brick and mortar. However, due to the speed at which drywall is installed, labor costs can be significantly lower compared to brick construction, making drywall a highly desirable construction method & cost-effective.

Time: One of the biggest advantages of using drywall for home projects is how little time it takes to install compared to brick walls. For example, if you build a single wall with 2 bricks.

6 m high and 4 m long, they are plastering and painting it, it will take about 5-6 days to finish. Drywall with the same dimensions only takes 1 1/2 days.

Convenience: Drywall is a cleaner process compared to brick-and-mortar construction. No strong foundation is required, no cement to mix on site, and installation is virtually dust-free. In addition, the walls are very easy to remove, making them ideal for temporary constructions in residential environments where the future use of a particular space is uncertain.